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Production plantProduction plantQuality strictly controlled!

Strict testingStrict testing of productionStrict testing of production!

World famous brandALSGS World famous brandFamous brands,rank the forefront of tools!

Factory outletsfactory outletsTimely delivery Punctual delivery!

With full parts!original spare parts Suppliy original spare parts to assure quality!

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ALSGS electronic table power feed Main product Best-selling Global sales!

 AL-310S electronic table power feed

 Vertical milling and Drilling machine/others

 Scientific & Dedicated、Electric Drive、without any C-dioxide produced、Infinitely variable speed !

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ALSGS Mechanical table power feed With gearboxHigh efficiency Large torque!

 AL-206X Mechanical table power feed

 Vertical milling and Drilling machine/others

  With gearbox、High efficiency、Large torque、6 speeds!

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ALSGS horizontal table power feed Horizontal Easy installationFavored by users!

 ALB-310SX horizontal table power feed

 Vertical milling and Drilling machine/others

 Horizontal,Easy operation!

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ALSGS precision mouth clamp(vise) Precision mouth clamp(vise),powerful clamping force!

 ALSGS precision mouth clamp(vise)

 Universal type/Others

 Powerful clamping force,Precision,Long durability

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Combination Plate Combination Plate,Long durability,High hardness

 Combination Plate

 Universal type/Others

 Combination Plate,Long durability,High hardness,。


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Thanks for the support and trust on our products from all over the world

ALSGS high quality table power feed manufacturers

Our own factory's manufacture
To ensure product quality ,we control production processes strictly in our own factory's manufacture!

our own factory's manufacture

Zytel gear with out hub
Most of the parts used in alsgs products were provided by the famous manufacturers,For example:Bearing made by NMB Japan,Thyristor made in us。

Zytel gear with out hub

High standard table power feed!
All ALSGS products were of high standard and tested strictly,in oder to avoid defects!

Electric motor!

High standard table power feed!

◆◆Quality,Brand,Environmental protection,Service is our permanent tenetTo be TOp brand of table power feed!

ISO 9001certification We have passed ISO 9001 & CE certification。

TOp brand of power feederTop brand of table power feed in China & A leading manufacturer of tools

Wordwide salesProductsAlsgs products sold around the world in more than 45 countries and regions。

Environmental protectionMaking efficient and energy-saving table power feed with green materials 。

Research and development of new materials

In cooperation with the University Laboratory

In cooperation with the University Laboratory

X - ray microanalysis instrument used to research materials。

Testing product quality by using scanning electron microscope in the lab。

performance comparison between

Motor & bearing

ALSGS motorMaterial:oxygen-free copper; Bear high temperature,Maintain operating at 180℃。

BearingMain axletrees/Bearings are imported from NMB Japan ,which is world-class brand。

Wheel & Shell

ALSGS nylon gearIt's special nylon products,have high impact resistant and long service life。

ShellWhit white highlight and exquisite lacquer,It's more like a work of Art。


Alsgs’s User-Comments
Alsgs in the US

The first set of ALSGS Power Feed was sold to US market in the year of 1995,by the year 2015, the total sales of 1000,0000 yuan breakthrough, and showed a growing trend。

Alsgs in the US
Alsgs in the global market
Alsgs in the global market

As a high-tech product made in china,Alsgs provide service to in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide。The number of users exceeds 1000,000 by the year of 2015。

Alsgs in the global market

The new ordering information!

  • * 顺德钱女士 " 158****3652" 订购Al310走刀器1台
  • * 北京李女士 " 135****3639" 订购Al310走刀器1台
  • * 北京许先生 " 158****8883" 订购Al310走刀器4台
  • * 武汉赵先生 " 137****5928" 订购Al310走刀器1台
  • * 南京张先生 " 159****6356" 订购Al310走刀器1台
  • * 深圳许先生 " 133****9635" 订购Al310走刀器2台
  • * 上海孙女士 " 138****3698" 订购Al310走刀器1台
  • * 北京许先生 " 159****0025" 订购Al310走刀器1台
  • * 佛山沈女士 " 134****7621" 订购Al310走刀器5台
  • * 天津刘先生 " 136****9482" 订购Al310走刀器1台
  • * 内蒙钱女士 " 134****8529" 订购Al310走刀器1台
  • * 安庆刘先生 " 130****3119" 订购Al310走刀器1台
Professional manufacturers of talbe feed & power feed


about alsgsAbout alsgs

Alsgs Top brand of tablefeed(power feed)
Alsgs Top brand of power feed(feeder)

As the first brand of power feed in China,Alsgs was founded in 1995 Qingdao .Now users in more than 100 countries all over the world benefit from alsgs's product!

Alsgs Top brand of power feed(feeder)