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Electronic power feed

AL-410s Electronic power feed

AL-410s series is an advanced type of power feed. It is based on the original Al-310s technology adjustment to increase the power and torque to meet the demand for higher torque .
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Product Details

Al-410s Series

The difference between AL-310s、AL-410s、AL-510s ?
The number in the model represents the power, 310 is the smallest, 410 is slightly larger and 510 is the largest.

The difference between AL-310sX、AL-310sY、AL- 310sZ ?
The last letter of the model represents the different axes installed on the machine.

What models are included in the AL-410s series ?
AL-410sX、AL-410sY and AL-410sZ

AL-410sX :Installation method in X-axis direction of ..................(Click to see details)

AL-410sY :Installation method in Y-axis direction of..................(Click to see details)
AL-410sZ : Installation method in Z-axis direction of ..................(Click to see details)

AL-310S Series Parameters
Project value AL-410SX AL-410SY AL-410SZ
Input voltage 110V(220V Optional) 110V(220V Optional) 110V(220V Optional)
Power 105w 105w 105w
Maximum torque 500in-lb 500in-lb 500in-lb
Speed range 0-200rpm(CVT) 0-200rpm(CTV) 0-200rpm(CVT)
Plug system American(British European Optional) American(British European Optional) American(British European Optional)
Dimensions 30/22/35cm 30/22/35cm 30/22/35cm
Total weight 7.2Kg 7.2Kg 7.2Kg
Packaging form PVC bag+ Shock foam+carton PVC bag+ Shock foam+carton PVC bag+ Shock foam+carton
Applicable models Milling machine, Drill milling machine, Turret milling machine Milling machine, Drill milling machine, Turret milling machine Milling machine, Drill milling machine, Turret milling machine
Installation position X-axis Y-axis Z-axis

ALSGS tools plant

Each ALSGS power feed is manufactured in China.
Professional power feed manufacturer, focusing on production for 20 years!
Adhere to own factory, strictly control every production link, constantly improve product quality!
We are a manufacturer, factory delivery, first-hand source of goods, reduce intermediate links, make customers more convenient!




Selected accessories, Quality assurance!

Nylon gear: high strength nylon is used, and its strength and toughness are three times that of ordinary gear!
High performance motor: withstand temperature up to 180 ℃, stable power output, Motor dynamic balance:2000rpm<0.02g。
Motor coil: oxygen free copper, strong conductivity, longer service life!
Circuit part: capacitor imported from South Korea, silicon controlled rectifier imported from the United States, some components customized by domestic famous enterprises!
Main bearing: Minebea Japan NMB bearing.




Create quality products, Create best brand!

Cooperate with world class tool brands!

There are 126 countries and regions in the world using ALSGS products!
We cooperate with world famous tool brands, our partners are world famous, we all benefit from high quality products!
Long term cooperation with the world's top five tool manufacturers to share advanced technology resources!



ALSGS Product catalog

ALSGS Electronic power feed:        
AL-310S     AL-310SX      AL-310SY     AL-310SZ    

AL-410S     AL-410SX      AL-410SY     AL-410SZ   
AL-510S     AL-510SX      AL-510SY     AL-510SZ   

ALSGS Mechanical power feed:
AL-206X     AL-206Y     AL-206XB

ALSGS Clamping kit    :       58 piece suit   42 piece suit      36 piece suit

ALSGS Precision vises:       8inch   10inch   12inch     18inch

ALSGS accessories:       Nylon gear  Potentiometer   Micro switch



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