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Precision flat pliers 6”

Two dimensional measuring instrument: check the parallelism of the guide rail surface and the perpendicularity of the jaw.
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Product Details

6” Precision flat pliers

6” Precision flat pliers
Project Note Value Unit
L1 Opening length of forceps 145 mm
L2 Length of tong body 488 mm
B1 Jaw width 158 mm
B2 Tong body width 290 mm
H1 Jaw thickness 46 mm
H2 Tong body thickness 116 mm
H3 Total thickness 162 mm

Precision machine tongs, vice production experts!
20 years of professional production, machine tongs, vises! To provide you with high quality, high precision flat pliers!
As a production factory, we firmly grasp every link of production! Take quality as life, insist on high standard!
High quality material is the basis of high quality products, and is an important guarantee for higher precision and durability of products!
From material selection to processing molding, as well as heat treatment, assembly, the whole process of strict quality control!
Hard to make, keep improving, quality is the life of the enterprise, responsible for the product is responsible for the user!

Fine processing, strict testing
Strict implementation of quality standards, strict testing process, advanced testing equipment!
Microhardness tester: to test the hardness of products and the heat treatment effect of components.
Two dimensional measuring instrument: check the parallelism of the guide rail surface and the perpendicularity of the jaw.
The high precision ensures that the product has uniform force, smooth operation, lasting stability when clamping the workpiece, and its service life is significantly higher than that of similar products.
Super clamping force, more effective use
Super long screw nut seat, the length is 2-3 times of similar products, clamping force is 4-5 times of similar products!
The design is more scientific, when bearing the super clamping force, it does not slip, does not take off the wire!
Closed screw, No dust, Scrap iron, Screw more smooth, Longer life!
◆◆◆High end brand◆◆◆
Our flat tongs have long-term cooperation with famous tool brands in Taiwan!
As China's high-end flat tongs products, we are trying to expand the global market and add strength to made in China!

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