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ALSGS table feed (power feed) operation guide


ALSGS milling machine table feed (power feed) operation guide

When we installed the ALSGS table feed (power feed) on the milling machine.
Before power it on, it is necessary to measure whether the input voltage is normal.
ALSGS table feed (power feed) is usually 110V, and some customers customize it as 220V.

(1) After measurement, confirm that the voltage is normal, and connect the power plug of ALSGS table feed (power feed).
(2) Turn on the power switch, and the power indicator should be on.
(3) When the power indicator light is on, move the reversing handle to the left or right to determine the feeding direction.
(4) Rotate the speed control knob slowly clockwise, and the motor starts to work. Rotate the speed control knob clockwise, and the motor accelerates. Rotate the speed control knob counterclockwise, and the motor decelerates.
(5) Press the fast feed button, the motor works at the fastest speed.Release the fast feed button and the motor returns to the feed speed.
(6) Put the reversing handle in the middle and the motor stops working.


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