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ALSGS Parts purchased outside China

From:Technical support2021-11-28

ALSGS Parts purchased outside China

As the value of some accessories is too low and the international express freight is expensive, it is recommended that customers find them locally as much as possible.
For some power feed parts that are difficult to obtain locally, you can choose to purchase from the factory. It is recommended that you purchase other products at the same time to reduce the overall cost.
International express freight is expensive, and foreign currency remittance needs to pay two-way handling charges.

ALSGS Product catalog

ALSGS Electronic power feed:        
AL-310S     AL-310SX      AL-310SY     AL-310SZ    

AL-410S     AL-410SX      AL-410SY     AL-410SZ   
AL-510S     AL-510SX      AL-510SY     AL-510SZ   

ALSGS Mechanical power feed:
AL-206X     AL-206Y     AL-206XB

ALSGS Clamping kit    :       58 piece suit   42 piece suit      36 piece suit

ALSGS Precision vises:       8inch   10inch   12inch     18inch

ALSGS accessories:       Nylon gear  Potentiometer   Micro switch