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Fixing hole of connecting plate inconsistent with screw hole

From:Technical support2021-06-08

fixing hole of connecting plate inconsistent with screw hole of the milling machine?

When installing the ALSGS milling machine table feed (power feed), some customers found that the screw hole of the connecting plate could not be consistent with the screw hole of the connecting plate after installing the connecting plate to the workbench.
As a result, only three of the four screws on the connecting plate can be installed normally. If you want to install other fixing screws, you need to enlarge the hole.
What is the cause of this phenomenon?
The screw hole on the worktable of the milling machine is matched and installed according to the relative position of the screw worktable. After the milling machine is adjusted, mark the hole position on the side of the worktable according to the position of the screw seat, then use the machine tool to drill, tap, and finally install the locating pin. The position of screw saddle of each milling machine is matched according to the position of worktable and screw, so the position of each machine is different.

The connecting plate of ALSGS milling machine feeder (tool feeder) is a standard part, which is produced by ALSGS factory according to the maximum probability position of screw hole, and its screw hole retains some movement allowance during processing, which can match about 80% of milling machine screw holes. But its size is fixed.

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