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Triangle block

With advanced processing equipment strict testing equipment and quality control system the precision is better than other brands in the same industry meeting the import standards of European Union and the United States.
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Product Details

Triangle block

Big triangle, middle triangle, small triangle
Project Dimension value L H B

small triangle
3/8 M10 22 30 25
5/16 M8 22 30 25
1/2M12M14 22 30 25
5/8 M16 27 40 27
3/4 M18/20/22/24/30 27/28 40 32

Middle triangle
3/8 M10 27 40 25
5/16 M8 27 40 25
1/2M12/14 27 40 25
5/8 M16 45 74 27
3/4 M18/20/22/24/30 45 74/75 32

Big triangle
3/8 M10 45 74 25
5/16 M8 45 74 25
1/2M12M14 55 92 25
5/8 M16 67 113 27
3/4 M18/20/22/24/30 67/70 113/115 32

◆It is a manufacturer of precision pressing plate, specializing in the production of precision pressing plate, triangle, screw, nut and nut;
◆The standard setter of high-quality combined pressing plate cooperates with the National Laboratory. The products are made of high-tech materials with high hardness, high precision, no slippage, no off wire and durability;
◆Export type combination pressing plate, cooperate with world famous machine tool brands, products are sold well in Japan, Korea, Europe, America, Middle East, etc.
◆The pressure plate parts are processed by precision grinding without burr;
◆Round corners are used to avoid hand injury;
◆Surface coating, rust proof, no iron filings, easy to clean;
◆Heat treatment material, high hardness, no deformation, not easy to wear;
◆The perpendicularity of the included angle is 35% higher than the national standard; the clamping teeth are designed scientifically, with tight occlusion and super pressure resistance.
◆The pressing plate is designed and manufactured in cooperation with the National Laboratory of famous university. The material of the products is synthesized by the world's advanced technology, and the heat treatment process strictly complies with the industry's high standards.
◆With advanced processing equipment, strict testing equipment and quality control system, the precision is better than other brands in the same industry, meeting the import standards of European Union and the United States.
◆It is the most influential brand, cooperating with several famous brands in the world, and its products are sold well in 59 countries and regions.

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