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What kind of power feed fit my milling machine ?


What kind of power  feed fit my milling machine ?

It is very important to choose the right power feed for our milling machine.
If the power of the power feed is too small, it will slow down the processing speed of the milling machine, affect the production and processing speed, and also cause problems such as large resistance of the power feed motor, overheating of the coil, and over aging.
Is it true that the higher the power of the power feed, the better? Can we solve all the problems by directly selecting the maximum power feed? The answer is No.
First of all, the production cost of high-power feed increases and the price is expensive; Secondly, if the power is too high in the milling machine processing, it is very easy to damage the tool nife or even deflect the spindle of the milling machine in case of tool collision or abnormal stop of the spindle. A customer once had a tool collision in the process of using the milling machine, which led to the breakage of the screw rod by the tool walker.
Therefore, it is very important to match the milling machine with a suitable power feed.


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AL-510S     AL-510SX      AL-510SY     AL-510SZ   

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