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Installation method of AL-206Y


Installation method of AL-206Y

1. Accessories for installation.
The accessories used for installing AL-206Y are as follows: 1. Screw rod extension rod. 2. Reducing sleeve. 3. Hand wheel joint teeth. 4. Fix flange nut with coupling teeth. 5. Variable pitch ring. 6. Dial locking flange nut. 7. Set screw. 8. Set screws. 9. Set screws. 10. Connecting plate.

2. Remove the screw seat.
Remove the original Y-axis screw seat of the milling machine. The removal steps can refer to the method of removing the screw seat of al-310y.(Click here to see)

3. Install the connecting plate
Install the connecting plate in the AL-206Y accessory on the milling machine.

4. Install the pitch sleeve.
Pay attention to the direction of the variable distance sleeve when installing it, and do not install it reversely.

5. Lock nut.
Lock the four retaining nuts on the connecting plate.

6. Install the fuselage.
Install the screw key, and then install the AL-206Y body to the connecting plate. The screw rod of the milling machine passes through the machine body. Lock the fixing screws of the fuselage.

7. Install the lead screw extension.
Insert the extension rod of the screw rod into the AL-206Y machine body to make it link with the screw rod of the milling machine and rotate clockwise. Use a wrench to lock.

8. Install the reducing sleeve.
Install the reducing sleeve on the extension rod and turn it clockwise to lock.

9. Install the set screw.
After locking, the screw hole of the reducing sleeve corresponds to the screw hole on the fuselage. At this time, install the positioning screw into the positioning hole and lock it with an Allen key.

10. Install the dial.
Install the gasket and dial, and use the dial flange nut to lock.

11. Install the handwheel gear.
Install the extension rod key and install the handwheel joint tooth on the extension rod.

12. Install the coupling nut.
Install the coupling tooth fixing nut on the extension rod. For the convenience of nut locking, the side of the fixing nut has a force adding hole, and the side with the hole should face outward.

13. Install the handwheel.
Install the spring on the extension rod, install the hand wheel on the extension rod, and install the hand wheel gasket and nut.

14. The installation is complete.

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