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Common Problems

Installation method of Al-206xb


1、 Milling machine without power feed.

(1) AL-206xB model is suitable for: M6h, M6lh, M8 milling machine tool
(2) Before installing the tool feeder, it is like this (as shown in the figure below).
(3) Double screw seat, fixed screw type worktable, its X-axis screw by both ends of the screw seat, fixed in the saddle.
(4) When the screw rod rotates, the worktable is pulled to move by the screw rod nut, but the screw rod position is fixed.

2、 Take out the mounting plate of AL-206xB.

(1) Remove the upper cover of the connecting plate and install the bottom shell on the x-axis screw rod of the machine tool.
(2) The reserved hole of the connecting plate is concentric with the screw seat.
(3) Lock the fixed screw, some machine screw hole position is different, need to be suitable for electric hand drill drilling, tapping nstallation.

3、 Install the large transmission gear.

(1) Install the large transmission tooth on the machine screw.
(2) Install the gear key.
(3) Install the lock nut to fix the gear.

4、Install the upper cover of the connecting plate

5.Take out AL-206xB mechanical power feed.

(1) On the left side of the power feed, there is a small driving tooth.
(2) When you install the tool power feed to the connecting plate, the large drive gear and the small drive gear will be engaged.
(3) The function of these two gears is to transmit the motor power to the screw rod.
(4) There is some allowance for the engagement size of the gear to facilitate the adjustment of the clearance and achieve the best engagement 1effect.

6、 Install the gear cover plate.

(1) After the cutter feeder is installed, a small amount of grease should be applied on the two transmission teeth.
(2) The function of the cover plate is to prevent the entry of iron debris, causing gear wear or stuck.
(3) There is an oil injection hole on the top of the tool feeder, and 100-200ml gear lubricating oil should be injected before use.

7、Install reversing limit switch.

(1) The reversing limit switch is installed on the front of the machine tool workbench.
(2) Most of the machine tools have reserved screw holes in the middle of the saddle. We only need to fix them.
(3) Install the limit bumpers.
(4) Test whether the reversing switch works normally and whether the bump block can trigger with the switch effectively.
(5) For three-phase motors, the phase sequence should be adjusted to make the moving direction consistent with the switch indication, otherwise the limit will be invalid.

8、installation is complete.


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