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Common Problems

Installation method of ALB-310sX

From:Technical support2021-05-01

1、 ALB-310sx is suitable for drilling and milling machine.

(1) It's installation is very simple, we can easily grasp it through pictures.
(2) Drilling and milling machine and turret milling machine are very different in appearance.
(2) Most of the drilling and milling machines look very similar to the picture below.

2、 The appearance of ALB-310sx power feed.

(1) Its appearance is shown in the figure below.
(2) Its connecting plate is composed of two parts, small connecting plate and big connecting plate.

3、 Installation of connecting plate.

(1) The upper part is a small connecting plate, and the lower part is a big connecting plate.
(2) The small connecting plate is used to fix on the worktable of the milling machine. It is usually installed on the left side of the drilling and milling machine and at the end of the worktable.
(3) The big connecting plate is used to fix the power feed body, and the big and small connecting plates are connected by two screws.
(4) There are two inner hexagon screws on the big connecting plate, which are used to fix the power feed body. Loosen the two screws to adjust the power feed relative position on the connecting plate.

4、 Install the drive gear.

(1) The end of the drilling and milling machine is usually equipped with a hand wheel, which needs to be removed.
(2) Install the drive teeth at the end of the screw rod.
(3) Lock the set screw to make the screw rod and gear completely fixed.

5、 Install the power feed to the workbench.

(1) Lock the big、 small connecting plate.
(2) Fix the power feed body on the worktable of the drilling and milling machine.
(3) The drive gear is inside, but we can still see it from below.

6、 Adjust the power feed position.

(1) Usually, the transmission gear will be engaged with the pinion of the power feed.
(2) Due to the different sizes of milling machine tools, some drilling and milling machines need to adjust the spacing.
(3) Loosen the fixing screw on the connecting plate to adjust the position of the power feed.
(4) After the power feed gear and transmission gear are fully engaged, lock the fixing screw.

7、 The horizontal tool feeder ALB-310sx has been installed.



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